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    I am a Software Engineer, Technical Developer, Problem Solver.

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    I have been working as a Technical Engineer for the past 16 years in a variety of full-time and freelance positions.

    I Strive to be the best in always try to showcase that in my work.

    I have been working towards the A.I. Industry and love coding. 

    My Skillset

    I possess a sharp eye for Process Oriented Issues, which I use to find even the smallest errors in workflow. I work well under pressure and can produce high-quality work in short periods of time. I have strong interpersonal skills and always keeping an eye on Security.

    My Passions

    Outside of the office, I am an avid Go-Karting Racer, Coffee Drinker. My favorite place is Starbucks in SLC , You'll most likely find me chatting to my weekday morning crew.  Lastly, I enjoy being a Greenthumb, I'm passionate about nature and currently devising a plan to counter attack the worsening weather.

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    18285 Collier Avenue, N, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

    (714) 597-0341